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Tour Diary: Manitoba Tour

We spent the first half of March on the road again! 11 concerts, 6000 km and one epic winter storm left us with so many fun and exciting memories from this tour!

We are lucky that our music brings us to so many new and beautiful places. This tour brought our first (and hopefully the first of many!) shows in Missouri and Minnesota. We also loved being back in Manitoba, and it was such a treat to visit so many wonderful communities in this province. We are so grateful for all of the amazing people we met and the incredible hospitality we experienced along the way!

For the majority of our trip, the sun was shining and each town was lightly dusted in snow (very Christmas card-worthy) ... And then Julie made the mistake of mentioning on stage how “perfect the weather had been," so of course, a blizzard hit the next morning! We want to say a special thank you to the three strong gentleman who saw these two BC girls outside trying to drive their car out of the snow. They graciously came and pushed our little Mazda onto the road. Thanks for the rescue!

Special thanks to all of the presenters who hosted us - Gladstone and Area Arts Council in Gladstone, MB, William Glesby Centre in Portage, Manitoba, Steinbach Arts Council in Steinbach, Manitoba, Eastern Manitoba Concert Association in Pinawa, Manitoba, Red Barn Rhythm Concerts and Musicians Corner Concerts. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Manitoba Arts Network for their support and their coordination of the tour as well as the Concerts in Care program. It was a pleasure and an honour to be a part of the series and to tour in beautiful Manitoba!

XOXO Twin Kennedy

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