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2021 Recap Video

We are counting our blessings from 2021 with a recap video of some of our favorite highlights from this past year!

2021 had a lot of wonderful moments where it felt like the sun was finally peeking back through the window and we could see a beautiful rainbow forming after a rainy season! The last couple years have been challenging for so many of us worldwide. Although we can’t pretend that there is not still a lot of uncertainty in the world, including worries about health, travel, the music industry (and so many industries!) due to the pandemic, there is still so much to celebrate. We are incredibly thankful for each and every good thing that came our way in the last 365 days.

We are beyond grateful to have been able to get back on tour this year, and we soaked up every moment on every stage that we could safely be on, from West Virginia to North Carolina to Montana to the west coast of Canada!

We feel so blessed to have seen some beautiful places this year and to have been able to spend some quality time in person with our family in Canada after almost two years of mostly Facetime hangouts. We’re so thankful to the presenters who worked so hard to bring live music back to their communities and to YOU - thank you for supporting our new music from Homebound and for continuing to stay connected with us both online and on tour!

Happy New Year and best wishes for health and happiness in 2022!


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