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2 Music Videos in 2 Days!

We filmed 2 music videos in 2 days!!!

From a 4am wake up call to catch the sunrise on a country road... to the middle of a waterfall on a west coast beach... to a studio filled with balloons and confetti... We had a blast filming the music videos for Blindspot and Call It Love!

Some might say it was a little ambitious to take on creating two full music videos in just 48 hours, but I feel like that is our style - go big or go home! And we literally did go home - home to Vancouver Island! We flew home to BC to make these videos, and we said to ourselves, "Well if we're going to plan for one music video... why not just do two!?" And it was made possible by our amazing team:

  • Our videographer Dave Wallace of Riptide Studios who always makes everything so fun and creative. And he's willing to hike into a waterfall and stand in the freezing cold water to get just the right shot - what a guy!

  • Our photographer Suzanne Sagmeister who, in addition to taking all the incredible behind-the-scenes shots you can see here and all over our Instagram, is a joy to be around and inspires us to follow our hearts and our visions for each project.

  • Our #1 Behind-the-Scenes Helper - our Dad! He did everything from directing traffic so we could get the shots on the road in the Blindspot video, to blowing up 100 balloons for Call It Love. A couple other fun facts - he has acted in our other music videos! He is the mechanic in our Feels Like Freedom music video and the TV host in our Christmas video for Cold Weather - you rock Dad!

If you know us, you know that we LOVE all things holiday-themed. If there is something to celebrate, we are all for it! So for the Call It Love music video, we wanted to make it overflow with Valentine's Day decorations. We spent days searching party supply stores for banners, twinkling lights, feather boas... basically pink and red and purple-colored everything! Our hearts were so happy filming this one.

For the Blindspot music video, we wanted to create something epic. To allude to the title, we knew we wanted to shoot a scene on an open road. However... we didn't exactly have the budget to shut down a highway. And this is when being in a small town is extra amazing! Our parents live in Sooke, BC, so we spent a couple days scouting out back roads. We had our hearts set on a winding road with a yellow middle line, and we found the road you see in the video the night before video shoot day!

We woke up at 4am to be ready in time for the sunrise road shots, and our Dad put on a fluorescent reflector vest and stood around the corner (just out of the shot!) waving down cars and asking every passing driver if he/she could "Please slow down for my daughters filming a music video up ahead!"

One of our FAV photos from that day!

How lucky are we that Mom and Dad also live just an hour away from one of the most beautiful places on earth - Sombrio Beach. We filmed the waterfall and beach shots at sunset and we got sooo lucky with the most beautiful sunset as we stood on the sand wearing ballgowns, playing our instruments in the salt air (totally normal Sunday night, right?) :)

Those two days were full of fun, adventure... and lots of hairspray! ;) We hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed creating them! If you haven't seen them yet, check out Call It Love and Blindspot.

Thanks for watching!


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