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Tour Diary: Cloverdale Rodeo

When the Cloverdale Rodeo called asking us to perform at this year's event, we knew we were in for a fun weekend of rodeo entertainment, country music and carnival adventures! The Cloverdale Rodeo is the second largest event of its kind in Canada, and it was an honour to be a part of such a beloved BC tradition! You won't meet nicer folks than those at a rodeo - everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and it's easy to see why people keep coming back year after year on May Long Weekend.

We flew home to BC from Nashville, and it was so great to have our friends and family join us for the weekend at the rodeo. I know they were looking forward to seeing our shows, but I think the competition of champion cowboys and cowgirls along with the promise of mini donuts and corn on the cob at the fair also had something to do with their excitement... We kicked off every rodeo with the national anthems. As with every outdoor event, everyone was praying for sunshine. We actually have pretty great luck when it comes to weather at outdoor shows - it has been rain-free at almost every festival, wedding and fair we have played! That being said, if you come camping with us, you'll be in a terrential downpour and maybe even a snowstorm. Thankfully, our good luck held out all weekend and the sun shone down on all of those handsome cowboys... What can we say, it's a tough life ;)

We performed what we'll call the "half-time show" at the rodeo. This involved being driven out to the middle of the arena on the back of a shiny Dodge Ram truck - fiddle, guitar and all!

We didn't expect to become used to standing in the back of a moving pickup truck, not to

mention singing and dancing on such a unique stage, but after a few days we felt like we had found our true country calling - I mean, does it get more country than singing in the back of a pickup truck? Despite almost falling out of the truck on the first day (that would have made for a good blooper reel!) it was SO much fun! The crowds were amazing and energetic, and it was so cool to hear their boot stompin' and clappin' echoing through the stands when we played "Devil Went Down to Georgia". Julie even got to drive the tractor, and she managed to make it around the arena without hitting anything or running anyone over!

There was live music all throughout the fair, and we played on the main outdoor stage on Sunday night with our bandmates, Mike and Johnny. Carli was pretty excited to bust out her red electric Gretsch guitar, since it's been waiting for her at home in Canada (it didn't fit in the Mazda for our cross-US tour).

Thanks to everybody who came out for our shows - it was great to see so many friends and familiar faces in the crowd! We also want to thank everyone at the Cloverdale Rodeo, the amazing staff and volunteers and all of the fun folks who attended the rodeo! It was a pleasure being part of such a great event!

photo credit (photo #5): Auntie Kellie Photography

video credit (anthem): Wrangler TV

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