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14 Songs for February 14th

Happy Hearts Day everyone! We love all holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Today we celebrate love, and what better way than through music! We are sharing our Valentine's Playlist with 14 of our favourite songs about love... from falling in love, feeling head over heels, handling heartbreak, and everything in between!

Comment below to let us know what songs you're listening to this Valentine's Day!

1. “Just Like Love” – Steven Lee Olsen

This song is a staple in our car. We've been known to do some "air drumming" during the break down chorus. :)

2. “Best Night Ever” – Gloriana

How could you not fall in love with a tune that we call a "Rom-Com Song"? Turn on this track, grab some chocolate and red wine, and imagine that you will also meet a cute stranger this Valentine's Day for the "Best Night Ever".

3. “Easy as Breathing” – Small Town Pistols

We're long time fans of Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson, and this track from their debut album is one of our favourites.

4. “Picture of You” – Andrea England

We're lucky enough to count Andrea as a close friend, and she co-wrote two of the tracks on our album "It's a Love Thing"! Her poetic lyrics will tug at your heartstrings.

5. “You (Or Somebody Like You)” – Gordie Sampson

We adore Keith Urban's version as much as anybody, but we fell in love with fellow Canadian and songwriter Gordie Sampson's rendition first!

6. “Then” – Brad Paisley

"Then" is one of our all time favourite songs by Brad Paisley - he sure knows how to make us all say "Awwwww..."

7. “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” – Maren Morris

For any gals who have watched a friend get repeatedly burned by a guy, this song will be your Valentine's jam! Maren's lyrics are hilarious and the melody is happy and hooky.

8. “Clean Up On Aisle Five” – Mo Pitney

We fell in love with this track with one listen. Running into an ex who broke your heart is never fun, and this song tells the story perfectly with timeless country production and AMAZING vocals from Mo.

9. “I Can’t Outrun You” – Beverley Mahood

This song about "the one that got away" is hauntingly beautiful. We love Bev's vocals, and the production and music video are gorgeous too.

10. “Love Me Like You Mean It” – Kelsea Ballerini

This tune is seriously catchy... Kelsea, we love it and we mean it.

11. “Missing You” – Keith and Renee

Being travelling musicians, we definitely know what it's like to be apart from the people we love. For those of you in long distance relationships this February 14th, you'll relate to this track from fellow Canadian country duo, Keith and Renee.

12. “Love Don’t Die Easy” – Charlie Worsham

Rubberband is an amazing album, so it's impossible for us to pick a favourite track from Charlie's debut release... but "Love Don't Die Easy" is definitely in the running!

13. “Yours” – Russell Dickerson

Russell's single is climbing the country charts, and it's the perfect romantic tune for V-Day. Apparently he may also be serenading some lucky Nashvillians today via UberSerenades...

14. “Riot” – Sara Haze

We love Sara's version of the song she co-wrote for Rascal Flatts' latest album. We saw her perform at the Grand Ole Opry a few years back, and her voice was as amazing live as it is on this track.

XOXO Twin Kennedy

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