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Not So Silent Night - The Story Behind the Song

Who here loves Christmas Eve as much as (or more than!) Christmas Day?

Christmas Eve has always been one of our favorite nights of the year. Growing up, we had special family traditions for this night that included new holiday pajamas, a fondue dinner and chocolate fondue dessert, and lots of music around the Christmas tree. Christmas Eve has always been a celebration that we look forward to every year.

On a cold January day a couple years back, we had a songwriting session booked with one of our best friends and co-writers Brian Donkers. We suggested writing a tune for the Christmas album we wanted to record. We had purposely kept our Christmas tree up after the holidays, so that we could stay in the Christmas spirit (and let’s face it… we will use any excuse to stretch Christmas out as long as possible!)

We started chatting about Christmas Eve and holiday traditions… and “Not So Silent Night” was born! Just for fun, we decided to see how many Christmas carol titles we could fit into one tune. CLICK HERE to watch our recent live video release for the single.

How many song titles can you count? There’s quite a few! Scroll down for the answer ;)

We were having so much fun writing this song and jamming on the Christmas hoedown feel… That even when Julie cut her finger making us a cheese tray for lunch, she insisted we keep writing because we just knew this song had to be on our Christmas album. So, she bandaged up her pinkie and we wrote the second verse!

Every line of “Not So Silent Night” was taken from our family memories and favorite holiday moments growing up. If you need proof of the childhood Christmas magic created by our incredible parents… We made a lyric video from home video footage that shares some Kennedy family Christmas fun! CLICK HERE to check it out!

Does this song bring back holiday memories from your childhood? What are your favorite family traditions this time of year? We hope that “Not So Silent Night” is a fun addition to your Christmas Eve playlist… and we hope that it gets you Deckin’ the Halls and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

P.S. We count 7 Christmas song titles... how about you?


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