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Blindspot - The Story Behind the Song

We remember it so clearly…

We were wrapping up an evening songwriting session with our friend and co-writer Rhett McDaniel. We hadn’t finished writing the tune we started that day, and as we were packing up our instruments, Rhett said something like “I guess we’re in our songwriting blindspot today…”.

Carli whipped her head around and said “Now that is a great title, has that song been written?”… and she unpacked her guitar, sat down, and started to play the opening guitar notes that would become the intro to our new single “Blindspot”!

We immediately started talking about what the song title meant to us. It made us think of past relationships where we didn't feel seen, where we didn't feel valued. When someone puts you in their blindspot, you are made to feel like your heart is insignificant. We’ve both had our share of heartbreak, and in our experience, the most heartbreaking situation isn’t necessarily when someone leaves – it can be worse when they stay but they close off their heart, they only love halfway, or they simply stop paying attention and being present in the relationship.

We wanted to write the song from a place of empowerment – it was important to us to finish the song with not just “I can’t stay here in your blindspot”, but also “I won’t stay here in your blindspot”. We all have the choice of whether we stay in a situation where we aren’t being loved, or we move on.

It's so important to know your own worth and to surround yourself with people who make you feel valued. We hope this song is a reminder to love yourself and choose to be with people who would never put you in their blindspot.

If you haven't heard Blindspot yet...

CLICK HERE to stream or download the song!

CLICK HERE to watch the official music video!

In the studio with our co-writer Rhett on the day we recorded Blindspot:

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