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Places We Love: Mystic Beach


Today we are celebrating this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home! We thought we would focus on our neck of the woods - Beautiful British Columbia. We haven’t been home in BC for a few months now, and we are missing it. We grew up on the waterfront in Powell River, a lovely small town on the Sunshine Coast. As kids, the ocean was our front yard, and we spent countless hours swimming, building sandcastles, and waterskiing around the bay. The beach is where we feel at home and at peace.

This past January, on one of our last days on the island before we headed out on our Road to Nashville Tour, we spent the day with our sister Katie hiking to one of our favourite destinations on Vancouver Island – Mystic Beach.

Mystic Beach marks the end of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. It took us about 40 minutes to hike to the beach, and the forest walk and a suspension bridge lead to a white sand beach and waterfalls (very mystical!) The rope swing over the ocean was harder to hold on to than it looks, but Carli managed to avoid falling into the water... Although that would have also made for some fun pictures! :)

We love everything about the coast – the salty air, the tall trees, and the endless trails just minutes away from the city. Our day spent visiting Mystic Beach was a special one, and we are excited to be making a trip back home to BC next month! We'll be performing at the Cloverdale Rodeo in Surrey on May long weekend. We play every day before the rodeo, and our mainstage performance is on Sunday, May 22nd. Can’t wait to see all of our BC friends soon! CLICK HERE for more info on our shows.

In honour of Earth Day today, let's all take a moment (or an hour or two!) to step outside and soak in a little nature. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much beauty, and we are using today as a reminder to really take it in!

XOXO Twin Kennedy

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