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What's It Really Like to be a Twin?

We get asked all the typical twin questions...

Do we read each other’s minds?

Can we feel each other’s pain?

Do we ever disagree?

So... we decided to film a video answering all the questions and it’s called TWIN TALK! :-)

CLICK HERE to watch our new video!

We had fun with this one - we turned our living room into a video set, drank all the coffee and chit chatted about all of our twin quirks and funny memories. Watch until the end to hear about the most success we ever had switching places (let's just say... Carli might have helped Julie get an A+ in guitar class!)

Are there any questions we missed? Comment below or on YouTube and we’ll be sure to answer them!

Most people see being identical twins as unique, but to us, it’s just normal because it’s all that we know! We don’t know what it’s like to not have someone who looks just like you! (And talks, and acts, and thinks like you too! Haha)

On another note… how has your summer been so far?! It’s been a very exciting season for us! Carli just got married!!! Follow our Instagram for many wedding highlight posts to come!

Lots of love to you all...


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