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6 Ways to Rise & Shine!

We are only one sleep away until Rise & Shine: A Morning of Music with Women of Canadian Country during Country Music Week in Saskatoon!

I think all of us have experienced those busy weeks where we might be running a little short on sleep, energy or time. For us, it is especially important to keep our balance when we're on the road. Our schedules can be ever-changing and jam-packed! Country Music Week is no exception... it is always a fun-filled weekend of music and celebration!

We have arrived to Saskatoon, and the Canadian Country Music festivities have officially begun. We're staying with our #RiseNShineSaskatoon hosts at the beautiful Radisson Hotel Saskatoon this week. With early mornings and late nights, we will be drinking lots of coffee (hello espresso!), making sure to fit in a morning workout (even if it's just to work up a quick sweat on the treadmill at the Radisson's exercise centre), and eating well. Our mini fridge is already stocked with fresh fruit, veggies, and lots of water!

We asked the 2017 ladies of #RiseNShineSaskatoon about their morning rituals and what they do to Rise & Shine whether they are on the road or at home!

Amy Nelson: "Those who know me well, wouldn’t suggest EVER giving me coffee. I tend to have more energy than a person needs naturally. But honestly, I can’t start the day without coffee. Usually it’s coffee and a small piece of dark chocolate. Just don’t mention that chocolate part to my trainer, Kristina…"

Tenille Arts: "When I wake up, I always have a cup of coffee and put on some good music to get ready to!"

Kirsty Lee Akers: "I am a creature of habit and every morning starts the same for me, a large glass of water as soon as I wake up followed by breakfast which is just a piece of toast and a cup of tea, I've eaten the same thing for breakfast for the past 15 years but it keeps me happy haha."

Nice Horse: "Katie always wakes up first and gets Kaley and herself a coffee, Brandi has a tea and doesn't shower, and Krista wakes up 5 minutes before we need to leave."

The Doll Sisters (Shelby and Jenna): "We both LOVE having tea in the morning - with cream and sugar, the Irish way ;) - and we usually will either read a book or listen to music to get our brains geared up for the day!"

We can't wait to Rise & Shine with you all this Saturday. Reminder: You can stream the show live on our Facebook page. If you are here in Saskatoon, join us in person for the event at the Radisson. Click here to RSVP. See you soon!

xo Twin Kennedy

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